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Goetia is a point-and-click game where you play as a ghost, demo released

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A demo for Goetia, the point-and-click puzzler currently on Kickstarter, has a demo available for Linux, Mac and PC.

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Developed by Paris-based studio Ynnis Interactive, players will possess items in order to use them, and instead of trying to find a key to unlock a door to a room, they can just go right through the wall. This is because they are a ghost.

Well, more like an orb really. It appears Abigail isn't strong enough to take on the appearance of her former, earthly form. At least that's what they say about orbs, but I digress.

The game takes place in the haunted English mansion Blackwood Manor, where Abigail lived and dies 40 years prior, and she has returned home to discover what the Blackwoods did with their "mysticism and fanatical experimentations."

Set during World War 2, Abigail needs to figure out who brought back 40 years later, and to discover her "perverted and mad lineage."

The 2D game world features 90 manor rooms to explore, areas outside the house such as ruins, woods and an abandoned village, and more.

Goetia's developers are seeking $30,000 and so far, 666 backers (!!!) have pledged $18,112 with 13 days left on the clock.

Click here to try the demo and head over to Soundcloud and listen to six tracks from the game's soundtrack.

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