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GOA under pressure as Jacobs lays blame for WAR beta glitches

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Mythic boss Mark Jacobs has publicly blamed Warhammer Online's European publisher, GOA, for registration errors at the opening of the Warhammer Online beta in Europe, saying the firm "messed up."

"GOA messed up, they apologized and they are working hard to do better," he said on his blog.

"This is a good start but not an excuse for them. Neither their CEO nor I am defending what happened yesterday. It was an ugly day."

Jacobs said he understood frustration at the errors - which meant that new players weren't able to register for the open beta - but called for calm after things got heated in the snafu's wake.

"I think that the players have every right to be angry, disappointed and frustrated," he added.

"I agree with them 100% but what I do not agree with is the level of threats and abuse that followed. I know why some players feel that way but my not agreeing with their reactions does not mean that I’m excusing GOA, clear?"

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