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Confirmed: Giant Bomb bought by CBS Interactive

GameSpot parent CBS Interactive has bought popular US site Giant Bomb, its been announced.

An AllThingsD piece first broke the news, but a Giant Bomb livestream has confirmed it.

The site will move into the GameSpot offices.

The sale comes as part of a wider deal that sees GB's parent company Whiskey Media bought by BermanBraun. Most of Whiskey's sites will remain with Berman, while GiantBomb and Comic Vine will be sold to CBS.

Giant Bomb was co-founded by ex-GameSpot alumni Jeff Gerstmann and Ryan Davis after the former was infamously and controversially fired from the site after his review of Kane and Lynch: Dead Men.

Gerstmann has said in the stream he will explain lwhy he was fired from the site in 2007 alongside current GameSpot boss John Davison in a livestream at 4pm PST (11pm GMT) today that'll be hosted on both Giant Bomb and GameSpot.

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