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Get this Witcher 3 Pro Skater mod, never play it any other way again

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt is a perfect video game and could not be improved in any way. Unless Geralt could skateboard. Obviously.

Geralt of Rivia's Pro Witcher 3 is a collection of movement mods cobbled together by eutirion, a modder to whom we'd like to award a small medal.

The mods do all sorts of things like change Geralt's movement in combat and speed up water traversal, but the really important thing is that Geralt and Ciri can slide everywhere like they're on a skateboard, and even do tricks.

You may be thinking this sounds stupid, but just you watch these unfortunately low-res videos of the mod package in action and tell me this isn't the only way to play The Witcher 3 from now on:

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Listen, I love The Witcher 3 but I get well tired of trotting hither and yon even on Roach, assuming Roach isn't stuck on a roof somewhere. Those great big beautiful environments are just dying to be explored, and I would rather do it at ten times the intended pace, doing sick kick flips off stuff while I'm at it. I think I'd spend more time out there if Geralt had a skateboard.

The mod package is available on NexusMods, and has a parcel of known issues including ending up in places where you ought not to be and moving so quickly you arrive before the game has had time to stream in the environment.

But who even cares! Geralt can skateboard now. This is a perfect thing, a thing I did not even know I needed until I saw it in action, and cannot now live without. Take note, CD Projekt RED: Cyberpunk should definitely have hoverboards.

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