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Get hands-on with Killzone 3 multiplayer this weekend at PAX, win chance to get into beta


People will be able to go hands-on with Killzone 3's multiplayer at PAX Prime this weekend, and attendees will get a stab at being included in the beta.

Sony will have 8-vs-8 matches going on at the show, as well as seven single-player-based demo stations, three of which will be 3D-enabled.

SCEA will also be handing out special art cards which will tell you how you could win the chance to get in the game's multiplayer beta.

You should try it. It's a bit of a winner, going by the time we had with it at gamescom.

Get our recent multiplayer interview with senior MP designer Dan Nanni here.

Killzone 3's out next February.

Thannks, US PS Blog.

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