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Gears of War: Judgment "fun", not about "guilt and remorse"

Gears of war: Judgment covers serious subject matter, but the writing team are aware that you don't play games because you want to have a bad time.

"It's Gears of War, it's fun, you're not playing this game to experience guilt and remorse," writer Tom Bissell said, speaking to Shack News.

Bissell said the meeting of veteran and new soldiers from both sides of the Serran conflict gave opportunities for humour.

"They're getting to know each other, they poke at each other. And they're in a totally absurd situation, and there's a sort of comedy in that absurd situation," he said.

Colleague Rob Auten agreed, but also noted that Judgment features "some truly dark moments".

"As there should be in a game about monsters exploding," he added. "But ultimately we did try to go for a tone that was fun, and you want to hang out with these characters in the sense that they're fun to listen to interact with each other.

"All my favorite moments of Gears are the ones that had a little bit of lightness to the horror."

Gears of War: Judgment is an Xbox 360 exclusive expected in March. It's being co-developed by Epic Games and sister studio People Can Fly, without series creators Rod Fergusson, now at Irrational Games, and Cliff Blesinski, currently working on a new IP.

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