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Gran Turismo lead talks Vita, GT6 and mods

Speaking at an event in China, Polyphony Digital boss Kazunori Yamauchi gave Gran Turismo fans a few clues as to the franchise's future.

Impress Watch, via Andriasang, reports Yamauchi was asked about a Gran Turismo game for Vita. Although the developer didn't say a new portable game was in development, it seemed he'd given it some thought.

"If we were to make it, we'd like to make use of the ability to play anywhere and the ability to use 3G at any time," he said.

Fans also asked about the possibility of letting users customise their Gran Turismo 5 vehicles more fully.

"If we can find a good balance, we'd like to increase the areas where users can make modifications," he noted, somewhat evasively.

Finally, Yamauchi confirmed one of the industry's worst kept secrets by admitting he's been planning the sequel since the fifth entry shipped.

"We're always aiming for the latest technology and the latest expression," he said.

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