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Gamestop "wants to sell you used games"

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Excellent article here about the used games business, specifically in relation to US retailer GameStop. It lays bare the numbers and thinking behind secondhand games and shows some pretty startling facts about the reality of high street games retail.

"Let me offer some perspective. GameStop is currently selling a new copy of Halo 3 for $60 and a used copy for $55. Let's assume – and it is a fairly big assumption – that the numbers above apply to this specific software title," said journalist Matt Matthews. "If they sell you the new copy, then they get to take home $13 out of the $60, roughly speaking. If they sell you the used copy, then they get to take home $27 out of the $55, again roughly speaking. This isn't rocket science. GameStop will obviously want to sell you a used copy if they have one."

Definitely read this. It's always nice to know where your money's going.

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