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GamersFirst says Realtime Worlds had big plans for All Points Bulletin

As if we needed any new reasons to be depressed about the tragic premature birth and subsequent death of All Points Bulletin, now we're getting a small glimpse at the plans Realtime Worlds had for the game.

GamersFirst, which picked up and relaunched the dead MMO, has said that the original developer planned APB to be a sort of hubworld for several games.

Apparently, you'd be able to warp to other worlds from APB, or just drive there in-game.

Darrek Connole, public relations manager at GamersFirst said to, "I can't give you too much detail because I'm not a coder. But as I understand it they were looking to make APB the entry level to this whole series of games. So like you'd go into the APB district, and the social district would take you to other games and from my world you could take your APB car and drive it into my world and shoot things. They had all these crazy cool ideas that was just very ambitious."

Of course, you should probably take this with a grain of salt since, as he says, he's not a coder, and this isn't coming directly from Realtime Worlds.

He also added that GamersFirst will not be going forward with those plans.

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