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Frozen Cortex updated with single-player mode, set for February release

Frozen Cortex, the spiritual successor to Frozen Synapse, has been updated with a single-player mode.

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Known as Frozen Endzone at one point, the simultaneous-turn-based tactical game now sports the following features:

  • Knockout - A rogue-like permadeath-type mode where you need to get as far you can without losing a single match, using only limited randomized) player upgrades each week. Rewards will come for doing specific things in matches.
  • Global Cortex League mode - A more traditional league where the aim of the game is simply to do as well as you can in a season. Earn cash to buy new robot players.
  • Random League mode - Pits you against a vast array of randomly-generated teams. It's the Wild West of Cortex.

Each mode contains sub-modes with various difficulty settings and rule variants. These include Timed Turns and Killer, which allows player to knock opponent robots out of the game with on hit.

New players have been added as upgrades in Knockout, or they can be purchased using match winnings, or in-game gambling through League modes.

Also included in the update is Frozen Cortex’s narrative, which develops as matches are played. The story takes place between playthroughs and also between the Knockout and Global Cortex League mode.

"Every team has its own AI coach, from Colonel Ruth Levine of the Armed Forces to Administrator Nomura from the media conglomerate SXT Vision," explained developer mode 7. "Each coach has their own unique set of hundreds of in-game barks which are tied into the game’s AI calculations.

"The AI will complain when it knows you’re going to score; mock you when you’ve boxed yourself into a corner; carefully explain that there was a better direction you could have chosen."

Various customizations have been added for both single player and multiplayer, and various tweaks such as the new “full replay" option.

Balancing updates and bug fixes will be applied to the update when necessary.

Frozen Cortex is expected to leave Steam Early Access in February, and the latest update is available now.

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