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Play Star Citizen's precursor, Wing Commander 3, on the house

Wing Commander 3 is the latest game to be offered for free through EA's Origin.


Wing Commander 3: heart of the Tiger released in 1994 and has a lot going for it, not the least of which is a star-studded cast including Mark Hamill, Malcolm McDowell and John Rhys-Davies.

The dogfighting sim, helmed by Chris Roberts, remains one of the best sci fi series of all time. It was the success of the Wing Commander series which helped convince fans to invest in Star Citizen, which has gone on to become the most lucrative crowdfunding project ever.

You can play Wing Commander 3 for free by claiming it straight from Origin. It's the latest of EA's "On The House" promotions, which means if you grab it now it's free forever. You only have a limited time to take advantage before a new game is offered in its place, so get to it.

Thanks, Eurogamer.

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