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Free Arkham Asylum DLC dropping September 17 for all formats


According to the PS3 news ticker, Batman: Arkham Asylum's getting free DLC on September 17, and Eidos has confirmed that it will be made available for PC and Xbox 360 as well.

This bit was confirmed as a multiplatform DLC release when a spokesperson replied to a question regarding it on the official Batman forums.

"I'm happy to inform you, it will arrive at the same time," read the reply.

Meanwhile, over on PlayStation Lifestyle (thanks, Gekidami), it's being rumored that the content is the Insane Night DLC Pack, which contains the Dem Bones Scarecrow Challenge and Crime Alley Challenge Map Packs which where available through GameStop preorders and Collector's Edition purchases.

Prey in the Darkness DLC Pack, supposedly coming September 24th, is also being reported as one of the upcoming bits, and is rumored as a PS3 exclusive.

We'll send an email off to Eidos and see if anyone bites. Don't count on it though.

Via Kotaku, Shack.

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