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Fractured Space celebrates 6 month anniversary with new ships and crew members

Steam Early Access title Fractured Space has been updated with a new type of ship which should make the 200,000 folks playing the tactical space shooter very happy.

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According to developer Edge Case Games, the Carrier is able to multiple waves of attack ships at enemies allowing the player to control the width of entire lanes.

It will also disrupt current strategies in place by other players, creating new gameplay opportunities.

The latest update to the game also includes 11 new crew members, one of which is The Mighty Jingles of YouTube fame who plays Captain Jingles.

Another new ship is the Zarek Infiltrator, which is a stealth attack ship which can be cloaked in order to sneak behind enemy lines.

It also drones to mark targets before delivering an AoE attack called Ion Blast. Once the ship delivers its payload, its defenses are weakened so players will need to use its disarm AoE when trying to escape.

Fractured Space is a 5v5 tactical shooter developed by the Strike Suit Zero team. You can find out more about the game through its Steam page and the official website.

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