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Four classic SEGA Genesis titles are now available on Nintendo Switch Online

Say hello to Pulseman, Flicky, Street Fighter II: Special Champion Edition, and Kid Chameleon.

Nintendo is regularly updating the line-up of games available for Nintendo Switch Online + Expansion Pack subscribers. Just a couple of months ago, it expanded massively by introducing GameBoy Advance titles to the service.

Now, though, it has added four classic SEGA Genesis titles for players to revisit, or try for the first time.

This time around, the four SEGA Genesis titles that players get to dive into are Pulseman, Flicky, Street Fighter II: Special Champion Edition, and Kid Chameleon. Frankly, the only one I’m even remotely familiar with is Street Fighter II, and that’s because, well, it’s Street Fighter.

Flicky is a platforming game from SEGA whose main character is a little blue bird. Flicky must ultimately protect herself and her chirps from Tiger the Cat through this side-scroller, and the winged-mascot even later appeared in Sonic the Hedgehog.

Published by SEGA and developed by Game Freak is Pulseman, whose plot feels all the more relevant in 2023 than it did in 1995. Your job as Pulseman is to put a stop to the AI-crazed Doc Waruyama as he spreads cyber-terrorism across the globe. Game Freak really knew where society was going with this one.

Street Fighter II: Special Champion’s Edition from Capcom doesn’t need too much of an explanation; it’s a fighting arcade game where you fight people. That said, it’s got an array of game modes to choose from, and plenty to keep you entertained while you wait for Street Fighter 6.

Last, but not least, is SEGA’s Kid Chameleon. Another side-scrolling title with various levels, you take on the role of Kid Chameleon as he steps into virtual reality to rescue various characters, and ultimately fell boss, Heady Metal. It looks incredibly cool, even now.

Will you be checking out any of the above titles? If so, you’ll need to make sure you’ve an active subscription not just to Nintendo Switch Online, but to the NSO Expansion Pack, too.

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