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Former NeoGeo licensee criticises SNK Playmore's NeoGeo X rights revocation

One-time NeoGeo licensee NeoGeoFreak has described SNK Playmore's revocation of Tommo's license as "backtracking", possibly "frivolous", and a case of history repeating itself.

In response to SNK Playmore's press release announcing its decision to pull the license used to produce the NeoGeo X, NeoGeoFreak took to its Facebook wall to declare that it "fully supports Tommo in this matter".

"As everyone knows, history repeats itself," the company said.

"As a former licensed and authorised distributor for the Neo Geo AES system and games, NeoGeoFreak/NGF-USA is familiar with Playmore's backtracking and attempts to revoke previously agreed upon licensing for distribution rights."

NeoGeoFreak said it was involved in a similar case in which Playmore attempted to revoke a licensing agreement which predated the latter company's formation.

"The frivolous Playmore vs NeoGeoFreak case ended a few months later with Playmore offering NeoGeoFreak a settlement. NGF has reached out and is in contact with Tommo Inc, and we've offered to be deposed as a former distributor that was in a similar situation with Playmore. Tommo's license agreements remain intact and any further disputes will be decided in court."

NeoGeoFreak was once exclusive distributor for NeoGeo consumer items in the US, thanks to an agreement with SNK-Japan.

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