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Footage from canned Insomniac project emerges


Insomniac Games has pulled out of its hat the first footage of its canned PS2 project, codenamed I-5, otherwise known as "Girl with a Stick".

According to game designer Brian Allgier, the game was seen as a "Tomb Raider meets Zelda" type game with artist on the project John Fiorito claiming it was "a hardcore fantasy, almost RPG-like" project.

The title, in development for PlayStation 2 since 2000, was soon canned for development in another new IP for the platform: Ratchet and Clank.

The footage from I-5 comes from the developer's latest Full Moon Show podcast. Get that below.

The developer, who have been developing titles for PlayStation platforms during its 16-year history, announced earlier this week it signed a deal with EA Partners to create its first multiplatform title on PS3 and Xbox 360.

Fun fact: did you know "Girl with a Stick" was actually the codename for the closed, NDA'ed online beta of Resistance 2 two years ago? You do now!

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