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Game Informer's Mafia II review is good


A Mafia II review from Game Informer has hit.

Game Informer gave the 2K Czech title a lovely 9/10.

While the review admits Mafia II suffers from "minor annoyances" like relying "heavily on cutscenes, and sometimes doesn’t know when to draw the line between interacting with the world and triggering a cutscene".

The reviewer, Matt Bertz, also found issues sometimes with NPC intelligence during missions, stating at times it could be a bit "troublesome".

"In one mission I had to tail a car to find out where it was headed, but the driver got into an accident and the mission failed," he said.

However, the rest of the review was rather glowing, stating the "impressive" attention to detail was "most noticeable in the expertly crafted building interiors, which look like destructible sets pulled straight out of Mad Men", and said the game's world of Empire Bay was "a much more focused experience" than GTA's Liberty City, and those who cannot finish lengthy games like Red Dead Redemption would "appreciate Mafia II’s direct storytelling".

Sounds great to us. Read the full thing for yourself through the link up top.

If you are not insulted by Italian stereotypes, and are interested in a soundtrack full of swingers who had ties to the mob back in the day, check out the full list of songs in the game over on BigDownload.

Mafia II is out August 24 and the demo is still available on PS3 and Xbox 360.

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