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First in-game screenshots of Space Hulk: Deathwing look epic

Unreal Engine 4 FPS Space Hulk: Deathwing is an adaptation of Games Workshop's board game of the same name, and we can finally get a peek at what it'll look like thanks to some new in-game screenshots.


The game is being developed by Streum On Studio and is being co-produced by Cyanide Studios.

As well as a solo campaign, there will also be class-based cooperative team-play, with each player making use of their specialist skills to help reach the objective.

There will also be a dynamic AI system that "scales attacks depending on the ability of the player squad, ensuring players will always be challenged. If you're doing well, the Genestealers will intensify their assault, but as you begin to weaken, they'll not unnecessarily risk their numbers."

"You'll have to work as a team in multiplayer - or give the right orders to your AI squad in single player - to survive the harsh realities of war in a Space Hulk."

You can check out the in-game screenshots in the gallery below.

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