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Fire Emblem Engage is getting an expansion pass, and it's bringing back your favourite house leaders

I got three houses, you can count 'em.

Fire Emblem Engage is getting an expansion pass, and good news Three Houses fans: your three favourite house leaders are back.

Nintendo announced at The Game Awards tonight that Fire Emblem Engage would be getting an expansino pass, with the first of four waves launching the same date as the game, January 1. Included in the first wave are the Emblem characters Edelgard, Dimitri, and Claude, as well as one of the more classic characters Tiki. There'll be new support items too, as well as accessories, and a silver card, which gets you a nice discount at the shops in older games.

No word on when the other three waves of DLC wil be available, other than that they're all apparently planned to launch in 2023, but you can expect a total of four at the very least.

Fire Emblem Engage was first announced in September, which looks to be a game celerbating its history, with iconic characters like Marth acting as some kind of summon you can bring with you into battle, and seemingly get to know too. You can probably expect more of the usual anime-chess style gameplay, and if the it's anything like the more recent entries, some romance options wouldn't be too surprising either.

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