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Final Form is the stunning new co-op shooter from Ruiner devs

Reikon Games is working on an exciting new project.

Prime Matter has revealed another exciting collaboration with an indie team. Reikon Games, the developer of sci-fi shooter RPG, Ruiner, has returned with a new title.

The new game does not yet have an official name, but it’s being referred to by the working title Final Form. This is another sci-fi project from Reikon, but unlike Ruiner, it’s a first-person co-op shooter.

Players will be able to transfer their consciousness into mobile suits called Valkyries, which greatly enhance combat and movement abilities. You’ll get to customise how they look and influence the way they play, and there’s an emphasis on stylish action – which we see a glimpse of in today’s teaser.

Final Form can be played solo, or in co-op for up to three players. It’s been in development for around two years, using Unreal Engine 4. The game is coming to PC and consoles at some point in the future.

Reikon also revealed a little bit about the high-concept sci-fi story at the game’s heart. The events follow warriors deployed by a sentient space ship, in a fight to prevent a plague from destroying all life.

Unfortunately, this is where the good news ends, because the game looks very early. Nevertheless, you should tune into Koch Primetime tomorrow for a message from Reikon about its vision for the game.

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