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Final Fantasy Adventure to be localized in English and released for mobile

The 3D remake of Final Fantasy Adventure will be localized in English and released on mobile devices as Adventures of Mana.


An official website in English has gone live, but it doesn't contain any additional information such as when we can expect a release.

Buttons on the website which would take visitors to the App Store or Google Play are grey-ed out at the moment, but it's worth a click just to hear the lovely music. Over and over again.

The remake is also in the works for PlayStation Vita, but according to a translation from Siliconera, the Vita version will not be released outside of Japan.

Adventures of Mana is a top-down action-RPG which follows the story of a hero and heroine as they attempt to keep the Dark Lord from controlling the Mana Tree.

Originally released on Game Boy in 1991 as Seiken Densetsu: Final Fantasy Gaiden, the game was also remade for Game Boy Advance and released as Sword of Mana.

Adventures of Mana is coming to both Android and iOS devices.

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