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Theme song for Final Fantasy 14: Heavensward revealed, new trailers and screens

The main theme song for Final Fantasy 14: Heavensward has been revealed through a new trailer from Square Enix. The firm has also released a bevy of screenshots and two other trailers to enjoy.

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The theme song is titled Dragonsong from series composer Nobuo Uematsu and features the vocals of Susan Calloway who performed the main theme, Answers, for A Realm Reborn. The trailer also features scenes from the upcoming expansion

The other two trailers along with the screenshots feature new job actions and dungeons included in the expansion.

Final Fantasy 14: Heavensward will be released on June 23 for Mac, PC, PlayStation 3 and PS4. Those who pre-order will be granted early access on June 19.

Watch on YouTube

Watch on YouTube

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