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FIFA 14: data capture could allow for player-specific AI in future editions, suggests Rutter

FIFA 14's AI goes a long way from previous instalments in that all 11 positions on the pitch come with their own AI and behavioural traits, but executive producer David Rutter wants to go one step further and use the game's stat-capture tech to give every single player their own unique AI in future games.

Speaking with OPM, Rutter shed light on EA's stat-capture tech. “You know we go around catching the cream of the talent with our head capturing rigs, and it’s the same thing with the AI stats; we’re slowly but surely going about capturing absolutely everything. We want to create the most comprehensive database of everything football.”

”The players on the pitch now operate as individuals that recognise what their team mates are all about, which is, I guess it’s a big freeing moment for us. That basically means you know if your left back is looking at going on with the ball as it becomes closer to him and he starts to react, the rest of the team is still following, if you like ‘basic orders.

"Now we can actually have the centre back worry about what’s going on with the left winger and the left back or the left central midfielder also being involved much more in the play, just reading what is going on.”

Rutter's dream of individual AI for every FIFA player has begun in sorts, as some of the game's big-name players do have their own personalities on the pitch. Rutter continued, “If you’re talking about the individuality of, say the difference between a Messi and a Ronaldo, then definitely we are starting to get much more deeply into creating those customised players and personalities on the pitch."

What do you think folks? Does bespoke AI for every single player in FIFA sound like a positive step, or will the differences be too subtle to really make much of a difference? Let us know below.

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