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FIFA 13 Wii U features could work on Xbox SmartGlass, team discussing options

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FIFA 13 on Wii U will come with a host of GamePad features that could just as easily transfer over to Xbox SmartGlass, and as it happens, EA is currently having a chat over the matter.

Speaking with AusGamers, FIFA 13 executive producer David Rutter confirmed that the game's Wii U-exclusive features are being discussed for Xbox SmartGlass.

"Sure. It's something that we've been talking about in the studio," Rutter said, "and indeed when you... I don't know if you've had an opportunity to see the Wii U version that we announced a little while ago, that's got some amazing features in it that would be equally at home on SmartGlass."

"It's not something that we've gotten to for FIFA 13. It kind of happened too late for us - but it's definitely something that we're talking about at the studio," he added.

Cheers OXM.

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