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FFXIII: Lightning detailed

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In a quick Q&A with Square Enix, IGN has detailed some of the background to the rather fantastic-looking girl in the Final Fantasy XIII trailer.

As previously known, she's called Lightning: although that isn't her real name.

"The only one they would go into any detail on is the girl featured prominently in the video. She's called Lightning, though that isn't her real name," says the piece.

"The trailer often shows her alone, which was done to portray one of the major themes in the game. The game doesn't begin with a large group of people fighting together.

"There's almost sort of a rejection at the beginning," said producer Yoshinori Kitase. Lightning refuses to fight alongside others at first and, "then the relationship builds from there. The trailer was crafted to portray that theme and get that message across."

Loads more through the link.

By Mike Bowden

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