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Farpoint uses PlayStation VR's weird Aim controller

It's been a decade since I last used a ridiculously designed plastic gun peripheral in my own home.

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Farpoint uses PlayStation VR's weird Aim controller

Here's something a bit interesting that slipped out during the PlayStation VR montage of Sony's E3 2016 conference. From new indie Impulse Games, Farpoint is an "unnerving" space adventure set on a hostile alien world.

After crash-landing players will have to discover what happened to the rest of their crew while exploring the harsh landscapes and so on and whatever. Let's get to the tasty bit, which is that it uses the PlayStation VR Aim Controller. That's this thing:


Yes indeed, you'll need this carefully not-actually-gun-shaped gun controller, which Sony says has 1:1 tracking, to shoot your way through the ravening alien hordes or whatever.

I think this might be the first game announced for the peripheral, which was revealed back in March but hasn't been talked up much. The PlayStation Blog post revealing Frapoint seems to suggest it's an Aim exclusive.

No release date as yet but one can't help but look suspiciously at PlayStation VR's October launch as a reasonable contender.

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