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Far Cry 4 played in Nepal to set world record for high altitude gaming

Far Cry 4 contest winner Will Cruz is now the holder of a Guinness World Record for "Highest Altitude Video Game Console Session".

far-cry-4-e3 (8)

Ubisoft held a Far Cry 4 competition in July, offering one lucky winner a free trip to Nepal to go mountain climbing and play Far Cry 4 early.

According to Gamespot, Cruz climbed to the peak of Kala Patthar, which is not Mt. Everest, but a nearby peak accessible form the same base camp.

On October 11, he played the shooter for 79 minutes on PS4 at 18,569 feet above sea level. That's over three miles up, apparently, and more than 5.6 km in the measurement system used by the overwhelming majority of the world. During his session, the temperature got as low as 17℉ (-8.3℃) and wind speeds reached 25mph (40 kmph).

Ubisoft said the experience netted Cruz a Guinness World Record, which is pretty cool. He also visited Kathmandu, Khumjung Monastery, and the Khumbu Glacier as part of his prize, on his first ever trip outside the US.

Far Cry 4 hits PC, PlayStation 3, PS4, Xbox 360 and Xbox One on November 18 in North America and November 20 in Europe and beyond.

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