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Fan reaction to Dragon Age 2 "caught us off-guard," says Muzyka

Bioware has reiterated that it was shocked over fans' "polarizing" reaction to Dragon Age 2.

Speaking with Xbox World in an interview (via CVG), the firm's co-founder Ray Muzyka said the team was caught "off-guard" by reaction to the game, despite being "delighted" with the new fans garnered from the release.

"Our goal is to take all the feedback we get on any of our franchises and use it to make the next game in the franchise better," said Muzyka, mirroring comments made by senior producer Fernando Melo back in July.

"Dragon Age 2 was incredibly polarising and it caught us off-guard, honestly," Muzyka continued. "It appealed to a new fanbase and we were delighted by that, but we've heard fans who wanted more of the Origins experience.

"We have to take all that feedback and find a way to marry those together, so we can bring everyone on the journey with us."

Mark of the Assassin, a new bit of story DLC for DA2 slated for October 11, will address fan feedback pertaining to the game's difficulty level and "dumbing down" complaints by containing "more tactically challenging combat."

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