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Fallout 4 is more interesting to Bethesda than Skyrim paid mods debacle

Fallout 4 is consuming all Bethesda's attention right now.


When the Skyrim paid mods ruckus kicked off a few months ago it was of burning interest to modders and players. For some people, this interest has not waned.

Bethesda, on the other hand, has kind of moved on.

"Honestly, [we have] bigger fish to fry right now than sorting that out," Bethesda's Pete Hines told Gamespot, referring to Fallout 4's November release.

Asked whether paid mods would ever make a return, Hines was non-committal.

"We're going to re-evaluate it going forward. There is a case to be made that people who spend a lot of time working on mods ought to be able to have a way of monetizing what they're doing," he said.

"I honestly, genuinely, don't know what it means for the future. It was an idea we worked on with those guys for Skyrim; it didn't pan out. It came back down."

Bethesda will continue to provide modding support to its talented and passionate amateur development community. Fallout 4 will even allow mods on Xbox One.

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