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Fable II "hours" from gold, new pre-launch money-grabbing method revealed

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Lionhead Studio's Sam Van Tilburgh has told Kotaku at PAX that Fable 2 is on the verge of final master. Which is odd, seeing at Big Pete proclaimed the game as "finished" at E3.

"We have one or two bugs that are keeping us from going gold," Van Tilburgh said.

In addition, Van Tilburgh said that the game's official site is to soon contain a web-based game for gathering pre-launch Fable 2 gold, much like the recently released XBLA pub games. From this piece:

When the game's official website relaunches it will include a web game or two that allows you to earn Fable 2 gold and unlock goodies like dye pots and a chicken suit for the game. All told, gamers will be able to unlock six to seven special items through the website, Van Tilburgh said. You can also earn coin through the games.

Game's out at the end of October.

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