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Exekiller looks like a rad western cyberpunk

Exekiller is a new action game blending retro-future aesthetics with a wild west setting.

We're having a bit of a renaissance of cyberpunk games, it seems. Exekiller is the latest, a cross between the 80s tech of classic cyberpunk and westerner sensibilities.

Exekiller is an action adventure set in 1998 New York, only this NY is taken over by deserts. The events take place 30 years after the Great Fire Disaster (timely!), an environmental crisis that killed 70% of the Earth's population.

Such desperate times, of course, give rise to all-powerful coporations, which control this world after governments fell. You play as the titular Exekiller, a bounty hunter who goes after outlaws to collect their S.O.U.L.S. - a chip that controls them and knows everything about them.

Exekiller is the first game from Polish two-person team Paradark Studio, and the developer promises some RPG elements like customisable skills and gadgets, and a world that offers multiple ways to approach and resolve situations. You'll even spot some driving across the game's wasteland.

It looks pretty good, too, if a little rough around the edges. Exekiller does not have a release date, but there's a Steam page where you can wishlist it.

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