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Ex-Infinity Ward staffers cry financial hardship in Activision battle


Jason West and Vince Zampella are countering Activision's recent attempt to broaden the legal clash between the mega-publisher and the two ex-Infinity Ward heads by claiming undue financial hardship, according to documents unearthed by Kotaku.

West and Zampella have argued against widening the suit's focus because "any delay of the trial in this lawsuit would increase the financial and non-financial burdens and would continue to distract us from running our business and earning a living".

The pair claim legal fees to date have already exceeded their combined annual salaries.

The newly-filed papers also allege that Activision's proposed amendment to the suit was a calculated move, designed to delay the May date of trial. The documents suggest Activision was aware of EA's asserted involvement in the case, the casus belli for the potential delay, as early as six months ago.

West and Zampella are suing Activision for $36 million over what they describe as an "Orwellian conspiracy" to oust the pair from their roles without due payment.

Activision's counter suit claims the two made an attempt at a coup to pluck the majority of the studio's talent from the publisher's grasp.

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