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Evolve is no longer for sale on Steam

Could Evolve be making the rumored push into free-to-play territory?


Evolve is no longer for sale on Steam

All things considered, Evolve was a pretty fun game, but you can't deny it ran headlong into a host of problems well before its release date. Now with its user base dropping rapidly, Turtle Rock Studios has done something interesting: It's no longer offering Evolve for sale, but the Steam page itself is still active.

So what's happening? Well, the most popular theory making the rounds right now is that Evolve is about to go free-to-play. Which makes sense - despite its problems, the game had a promising launch, shipping 2.5 million copies in three months. And considering how many players felt nickeled-and-dimed for DLC, making the core game free could make smaller payments more feasible.

Meanwhile, the official Evolve website is running a timer with the hashtag #StageUp that concludes within eighteen hours. Whatever plans 2K and Turtle Rock have for Evolve, we should know more once it's complete.

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