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EverQuest Next Landmark developer diary shows in-game footage, discusses materials, tools

EverQuest Next Landmark has a new developer diary available in which Sony Online Entertainment discusses some of the tools and materials players will be using to create their own additions to EverQuest Next.

According to the diary, players will start off with a copper pick, you know, like they did in the Chalcolithic period, before moving on to more robust tools. Tier One materials you can gather with your soft metal pick include tin and iron which you can use to create a better pick. Once you have a better pick, you can gather better resources.

There will be five tiers in total along with six tools, one of which is a bucket in order to carry liquids - like lava.

You also get a look at some of the materials as well as some off-screen footage of the game in action.

It sounds interesting so stop reading this and watch the video below.

The free-to-play title ties into EverQuest Next and neither have been dated.

Thanks, Erthazus.

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