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EverQuest and EverQuest 2 expansions detailed, out later this year

Plans for the EverQuest expansion Call of the Forsaken and the Tears of Veeshan expansion for EverQuest 2 have been outlined by Sony Entertainment Online.

The firm also sent over some screenshots of each which are posted below.

EverQuest: Call of the Forsaken will see players heading to West Karana where they will try and stop the Lady Lendiniara's dastardly plans for Norrath, and return peace to the area.

The expansion, which is the game's 20th expansion in 14 years, also comes with a new Heroic Adventure system, more group raids, spanking new gear and two shared bank slots, because you will need more room for all your loot.

Here's the official word from SOE:

Call of the Forsaken players will encounter the powerful dragon Lady Lendiniara across the once peaceful plains of West Karana. Cataclysmic events in the region have torn an invisible seam to expose Ethernere, creating an unstable link to countless realities. Veterans and new adventurers alike must search undiscovered areas of Norrath for powerful artifacts to send Lady Lendiniara back to her world and restore peace. The new journey also brings familiar faces, as many iconic characters thought to be lost in time make their presence felt, including: Zebuxoruk, King Naythox Thex, Queen Cristanos Thex, Lendiniara the Keeper, Kyle Bayle, and more.

EverQuest: Call of the Forsaken expansion features include:

Mercenary alternate advancements (AAs)
Mercenary gear
Shared bank slots (2)
A new Heroic Adventure system
Additional spells, AAs, gear, raids and tradeskills

EverQuest 2: Tears of Veeshan takes players to the Eternal Broodlands where another ne'er do well called Kerafyrm the Awakened is up to no good.

The 10th expansion will also provide a new class to try out call the Channeler, cones with nine new dungeons to conquer, and new tradeskill items for apprentice level.

Here, again, is the official word from SOE:

Tears of Veeshan will place heroes amongst the dragon dead in the Eternal Broodlands. After rediscovering Yelinak, now the keeper of Vesspyr Isles alongside other fallen and familiar dragons, players learn Kerafyrm the Awakened is using his stolen Tear to breach the veil between worlds in his quest to rule. With Kerafyrm's fearsome power looming over Norrath, players are called upon to shine light into the darkness brought on by the Awakened's draconic army, and set the stage for a new Age to begin.

EverQuest 2 Tears of Veeshan expansion features include:

Overland Dragon Realm - Adventure, amenities, quests, collections, and more!
New Dungeons (9)
New Channeler Class!
Dragon-themed AAs
New itemization focused on flexibility
Variety of Quests - Signature, story, point-of-interest & dropped quests, missions, collections
AA limit raised to 340
Tradeskill apprentice items
New PvP item tier

Both expansions are due later this year.

There's more EverQuest on the horizon, as Sony announced over the weekend, with EverQuest Next and EverQuest Next Landmark.

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