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EVE comics and art book coming via Dark Horse

EVE Online developer CCP has teamed up with Dark Horse to produce a comic series and art book based on the sci-fi sandbox MMO.


EVE: Valkyrie is the second comic project created by the two companies, following on from EVE: True Stories. As the name suggests, it's focused on CCP's Oculus Rift dogfighting sim, and tells the story of the first Valkyrie pilots "and their rise to prominence in the EVE universe".

Meanwhile, EVE Universe: The Art of New Eden includes never-before-seen art, concept sketches and renders. Like the first art book, EVE: Source, it's being developed in close collaboration with CCP staff.

“EVE: Source and EVE: True Stories served as our initial explorations into the universe of EVE Online with Dark Horse. We’re pleased to continue our relationship with two new and exciting projects that will be enjoyed by both hard-core EVE players and those new to our vast universe of online conflict and collaboration," CCP business development VP Thor Gunnarsson said.

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