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Eurogamer Expo 2013 indie arcade line-up announced, trailers inside

Eurogamer Expo 2013 organiser Gamer Network has lifted the lid on this year's Indie Arcade showcase, which will feature the rising stars of the indie scene. See some of them in action here.

First up is Chroma from Clawhammer Games which is a retro-styled platformer that uses light and shadow in neat ways:

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It's followed by Cloudbuilt from Coilworks, which is a high-speed platformer that sees players running up walls, around surfaces and generally defying the laws of gravity while looking damn cool:

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iOS battle Fist of Awesome is up next from Nicoll Hunt. It sees a lumberjack fighting bears Streets of Rage-style. Check out the madness:

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Here's a run-down of the other games on show:

PC titles:

Assault Android Cactus, Witch Beam Games
CarTank, RichMakeGame
CHROMA, Mark Foster
Cloudbuilt, Coilworks
Eden Star, Flix Interactive
Endlight, Bigpants
I Get This Call Every Day, David S Gallant
Master Reboot, Wales Interactive
MirrorMoon EP, Santa Ragione
Myriad, Erlend Grefsrud
Shiftlings, Rock Pocket Games
Skipping Stones, KO-OP Mode
Teslagrad, Rain Games
Three Monkeys, Sonos Games
Tomb of Rooms, Idle Creations
Xenolith, Snowbolt Interactive

iOS titles:

Anima, OutOfTheBit
Framed, Loveshack
Out There, Mi-Clos Studio

See anything you like folks?

Eurogamer Expo 2013 takes place at Earl’s Court, London between Thursday September 26 to Sunday September 29. While both Super and Weekend passes are now sold out, you can still buy day passed for the Thursday and Friday here.

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