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EU News Wrap, September 26 - What happened today

Hello. I have returned from the city far, far away known as Landahn Tahn. That was my impression of a Londoner. Geddit?

Whatevs. Anyways, last week at Eurogamer Expo, I came across a couple of our readers who just said how much they love the site. If it was you, thanks for your kind words, it seriously keeps me and the rest of the team going to hear words like that. So thank you once again. And if I didn't get a chance to talk to you, I am sorry, but I was just frazzled out. But thank you for the support.

On a personal industry level (I've tweeted and Facebooked this to hell, so this is the last time - promise), it was so nice to meet so many people I look up to in the industry, as well as meet some old faces. So thanks for making my first time in London seriously awesome.

But now, I'm back in boring old Derry, doing the news thang again . So here's whats happened today, albeit after I slept in when I was due for 7am (I was only awoken to the sound of my iPhone giving me a Facebook alert near 8:15am that's Dan Pearson had accepted my friend request).

And that is that. Image is of Fredrika Stahl. That be she of the Nissan Twinkle Twinkle ad. The Data Remix of that song basically got me through London.

Again, big thanks for all the love at EG Expo last week. Keep an eye out for an Uncharted interview and more this week. I'll see you tomorrow.

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