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ESRB suggests Fear Effect, Fighting Force headed to PSN

Two more PSOne Classics may be on the way, courtesy of Square Enix's Eidos properties.

Siliconera spotted new ESRB ratings for PSOne era titles Fighting Force, Fighting Force 2 and Fear Effect.

All three were listed for PlayStation 3 release, suggesting PSN release under the PSOne Classics brand.

Fighting Force and its sequel released in 1997 and 1999 respectively, and were developed by original Tomb Raider team Core Design. Both feature beat-'em-up action; the first game proved more popular than the second.

Fear Effect, a 1999 effort from Kronos, has a quiet cult following for its unusual atmosphere of cel-shaded cyberpunk China. It's often remembered for the exposed flesh of its female characters as much as its thriller storyline.

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