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Escape Plan to get free prequel DLC pack, patch next week

The folks over at the Official PlayStation Blog have confirmed that Escape Plan will receive a free patch to version 1.01 and a set of downloadable levels free on 10th April.

The download pack, titled Bakuki's Lair, adds 19 new prequel puzzle rooms to the game for players to solve and helps to fill in a little of the storyline before the main game opened.

In addition to the actual new level content, Bakuki's Lair also tweaks the game itself as a balance patch. Scoring will be fairer and controls will be tighter and more accurate, and the PlayStation Blog promises that the patch lays a basis for further updates in the future.

PlayStation Plus members will this week get five free Escape Plan avatars and normal users will be able to pick them up for a small fee to celebrate the game's success as the number one downloadable Vita game.

Escape Plan is out now on PSN for £9.99 or your regional equivalent.

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