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Escape Goat 2 will have joined rooms, new puzzle components

Escape Goat 2 will allow players to move back and forth between multiple single-screen rooms as they solve new kinds of puzzles.

According to Destructoid, Escape Goat 2 moves the series beyoind single-screen, standalone puzzles to a Metroidvania-style sequential joined rooms map system.

Some rooms may have multiple exits, and some of them will not be accessible the first time you're in there; you'll sometimes have to wander back once you've obtained whatever you need to reach the next door.

There are also a couple of new gameplay features - surface physics and disappearing bocks - which players will have to contend with as they help our purple friend and his mouse companions escape the nefarious environments they find themselves trapped in.

A couple of new screenshots accompanied the information, which I have arranged pleasingly below to show off the visual upgrade of the sequel, which was announced in January. Expect Escape Goat 2 later this year.

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