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Epic Mickey 2: Warren Spector stresses the importance of player choices

Epic Mickey: The Power of Two offers player choices and lays the result out by showing them the consequences. It's something that producer Warren Spector believes is important to any game, and the man is certainly no stranger to choices, given his work on Deus Ex, Thief: The Dark Project and System Shock. Find out how these rules impact his latest project below.

Speaking with AusGamers, Spector stressed the importance of allowing players freedom to express their own play style and how consequence is as important as the action that breeds it.

“You know, I’ve made 22 games now, and they’ve all been about this idea that play style matters. Players always get to make choices, and we show them the consequences, and they get to make more choices.

"And the choices you made in the first game were kind of dialled down, because we knew that we were going to be reaching an audience that was much broader than the audience that was only familiar with that kind of gameplay.

"So this time the choices you make really do have consequences, they really do matter, at as deep a level as they do in a Deus Ex, or a System Shock, or an Ultima game.”

The notion of choice and consequence was present in the original Epic Mickey, but Spector feels it wasn't as fleshed out as it should have been, and that the sequel goes a long way to address the issue.

“In Disney Epic Mickey, we did local and global consequence, because those are easy for players to understand. But that mid-level, where what you do is permanent – so when you return to a map, things are still how you left them – that, we didn’t do in the first game, and that’s where we’ve really ramped it up in the second."

Are you looking forward to Epic Mickey: The Power of Two? What were your thoughts on the original? Let us know below.

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