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Epic Mickey: Power of Two review round-up, get the scores here

Epic Mickey: The Power of Two reviews are out in force. We didn't round them up at the time, but we have now, and the news is not good. The house of mouse is burning down and a cacophony of delightful cartoon creatures are rolling around on the grass trying to put the flames on their backs out. Get the scores below.

OXM - 7/10
Destructoid - 2/10
Digital Spy - 3/5
Gaming Examiner - 8.5/10
Blast - 2/5
EGM - 8.5/10
GameTrailers - 6.7/10
IGN - 6/10
Game Informer - 5.75/10
Edge - 5/10
Games Radar - 5/10
Gamespot - 5/10

Ouch. The game also launches as part of Wii U's European debut from November 30th. Will anyone still buy it regardless?

Got a score we've missed? Throw it at us and we'll add it in.

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