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ELSPA DS piracy story "completely false"

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Whoops. The ELSPA story doing the round a few days ago concerning R4 carts and US DS piracy is, to be blunt, a load of old bollocks. The newspaper piece claimed that manager of ELSPA's Intellectual Property Crime Unit, John Hillier, had said, "The implications are massive. In America it’s thought 90 percent of Nintendo users are playing pirated games because of R4s."

The organisation spoke to GI today, claiming, "The quotes from The Sunday Post were ascribed to his name from another article which originates from a website in Singapore. This, it appears, is where The Sunday Post first found out about the supposed R4 situation and for some reason unknown to John have quoted him on what this article said."

"[John] didn't quote The Sunday Post on any figures whatsoever," the spokesperson added.

GI goes as far as to say the report is "completely false". That's that settled, then.

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