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Egosoft announces X Rebirth for Q4 2011

Deep Silver and developer Egosoft today announced the latest game set in the X Universe, X Rebirth, which will include a "radically new game design and top notch graphics."

The space-sim heralds a fresh beginning, bringing with it a number of gameplay innovations "without compromising its successful origins."

Set in the distant future, the X universe's future is uncertain, and countless adventures will await players as new enemies come onto the scene in search of power. You, a young adventurer with an "unlikely female ally," are travelling about in and old, beat-up ship and play a key art in the events as they play out.

According to the press release, the game contains a large universe to explore throughout the game along with varied gameplay elements such as space combat, trading mechanics and fast travel throughout the galaxies. X

X Rebirth will be released on PC and is expected during Q4 this year.

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