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EEDAR: Only 4% of games ever make a profit

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In an interview with Forbes, EEDAR president Geoffrey Zatkin has claimed that only a tiny portion of games on the market ever see the greener side of life.

EEDAR sells data on specific gaming features to the liks of EA, Ubisoft, and so in, in an effort to maximise chances of finding eventual money.

From the piece:

"Every game I have ever worked on, we've gone in blind as to which features would sell the game better," says Zatkin, who designed games for 11 years before co-founding EEDAR. Not knowing whether it would be worth an extra $500,000 to design a multiplayer mode "would scare the crap out of me," he says.

Only 4% of games that make it to market actually make a profit, he says. About 60% of a game's budget is spent reworking or redesigning a game.

Ever wonder why games are so prone to "sequelitis"? Now you know.

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