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Echo Bazaar gets lovey-dovey with ten day event

Award-winning browser game Echo Bazaar is celebrating the upcoming Valentine's Day in style, so instead of expensive fancy dinners in the real world (or muffled crying on the couch), why not attend the Feast of the Exceptional Rose and dance your cares away with a devil?

The Feast will run for ten days and feature several unique opportunities and modules, including "waltzes with devils, quadrilles with Duchesses", and player interactions including gifting and chances to "tryst by moonish light". Ooh.

Echo Bazaar is an interactive-fiction style RPG lite, with surprisingly unobtrusive social network features via Twitter and unnecessary micro-transactions. Set in an alternate reality London which has literally fallen into the underworld, it sports a mystifyingly rich canon and some superb writing.

Developed by the indie FailBetter Games, Echo Bazaar is still in beta after a year, and is constantly adding new content.

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