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Earth Defense Force 2025 mission DLC detailed

D3 Publisher has detailed a mission-filled DLC pack for upcoming insect blast-a-thon, Earth Defense Force 2025.

In Japan, the pack is priced at ¥400 or 320 MS Points; it has not been confirmed for the west, but as the game itself is a long way off it's probably going to cross over eventually regardless.

The pack contains five missions. In Search, players must find the source of giant creatures in a mountainous region, and seal their entrance tunnel. Parade of Giants has players facing a troop of Hectors armed with twin particle stream cannons, which have already taken down an armored unit.

In Silver Thread, players are once more tasked with finding and destroying an entrance tunnel, but this time in a harbour. Fortress More is also set in the harbour, but it a first strike mission. Finally, Floating Armada pits you against a fleet of aerial craft.

Screenshots of the downloadable missions are available on Siliconera. Earth Defense Force 2025 arrives in Europe and North America in February 2014, for PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360.

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