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EA Sports Football Club revealed as a new way to connect with FIFA

During its press event at E3 tonight, EA Sports announced Football Club, which promises to "bring the world's most passionate sports fans together and engage them within the massive FIFA online community."

Football Club connects players the real-world game with new content all the time, enabling them to "support their favorite club in new ways connected to real-world events, and connect and compete with friends, rivals and millions of other players around the world."

"The millions of fans playing FIFA online have shown us there is a constant appetite for a deep connected experience, driven by a love of the sport," said Matt Bilbey, VP and GM of FIFA Soccer franchise.

"EA Sports Football Club is a new social experience that brings the world's soccer fans together, engaging and entertaining them in new ways that have never
been done before in a sports game."

Football Club is basically a social experience where fans can connect and compete with their friends and other when playing FIFA 12. You can earn status, you can track progression and earn experience points all season long. You can level up and build your status more, track friends, and challenges through the web and share on social channels.

The club also implements Support Your Club, which enables fans to represent their club and compete against rival clubs in everything they do in FIFA 12.

Players can earn club points and lift your club higher in the Support Your Club League Tables or help them avoid relegation. Virtual league tables are reset each week to create new challenges, renewed rivalries, and fresh storylines.

Real-world storylines and content will be new all the time with real-world soccer events through regular challenges.

Footabll Club will be free-of-charge, and launches with FIFA 12 which is expected on PC, PS3, and Xbox 360 this fall.

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