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EA Redwood bossman talks more Dead Space: Extraction


A new interview dishing about Dead Space: Extraction has gone up over on IGN, and Steve Papoutsis says that fans worried over the "on-rails" aspect should not be skeptical.

Man's been everywhere lately.

"I would tell the Skeptics [sic] that our team is passionate about innovation. Extraction is going to include all of the mechanics that made Dead Space a memorable experience: Stasis, Telekinesis, Strategic Dismemberment, and Zero-G," he said.

"Our game is going to also deliver on some all new features like Co-op that really involves both players for example cooperative puzzles, brand new weapons, new characters, new enemies, new bosses, new story, and new locations. Our goal is to create an all new experience on the Nintendo Wii that feels custom built for that platform, and I think we are on track to do that."

He then went on to chat a bit about the game, these being the high points:

  • The heroine of Extraction, Lexine, is in her early 20's and that you are "introduced to her pretty quickly in the game".
  • Controls will be fairly simple. Stasis: Point the Wii Remote at enemy or object then hit the Stasis button to fire the projectile. Dismemberment: Aim your Wii Remote at limbs, fire and then "pop goes the Necromorph".
  • The Arc Welder is one of the new weapons added for the game and it fires a bolt of energy which will arc between enemies. It damage depends on how many enemies it "comes into contact with".
  • Game will be just as bloody and gore filled as the first release.

Hit the link for the rest.

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